Implementation Status

The Bureau of Early Intervention is implementing a new centralized data system—the New York Early Intervention System, or NYEIS, to electronically manage early intervention administrative tasks and exchange of information. The statewide Early Intervention Program (EIP) provides services to children from birth to three years old with disabilities and their families.

NYEIS will be used by NYSDOH staff, the 58 municipal Early Intervention Programs, and approved early intervention provider agencies and individual providers that have contracts with municipalities to provide services to EIP-eligible children residing in these municipalities.

Currently, NYEIS is being used by NYSDOH staff, the staff of 56 municipal Early Intervention Programs and their contracted approved early intervention agencies and individual providers for the full range of management and administrative activities of the EIP including:

  • Referral and intake,
  • Evaluation,
  • Eligibility Determination,
  • Individualized Family Service Plan development,
  • Treatment provision, and
  • All financial aspects including insurance billing, payments, and Medicaid reimbursement.