A Breastfeeding Education Activity Package for Grades K-12

A Practical Classroom Tool

This program was developed using a grant from the United States Public Health Service Bureau of Maternal and Infant Health. The guide contains information relevant to the entire K-12 age span as well as activities for each level. It is intended to help students develop a well informed attitude toward breastfeeding while studying other content areas. The lessons are presented in an appealing, easy to use format.

Integrates Activities

It is essential to realize that these lessons may be integrated with other established academic subjects. Breastfeeding education should not be taught as an isolated subject at the elementary level. The information contained in this guide is relevant to science, health, social studies, etc. The upper left hand corner of each activity sheet indicates the subject area into which the activity is best suited. Check through this guide before planning your lessons to see where it can be incorporated easily.

Focuses on Concerns we Face Today

Minority women are less likely to breastfeed, or to continue on after they have started. Women in the workforce must make choices around their employment/career. Children in developing countries face a greater risk of dying because more and more women are bottlefeeding their babies due to being influenced by western practices and formula marketing. Environmental waste related to bottle feeding contributes to our waste removal dilemma.

There is an economic impact for employers when parents must take time off from work due to an infant's illness. Breastfeeding protects children from some illnesses and, in general, helps them remain healthy. Healthier babies lead to less parental time off from work and more efficiency in the workplace.

Provides Flexibility

This guide encourages flexibility and creativity in the classroom. It is not intended to be followed precisely. Instead, a range of activities is presented so you can select and structure learning experiences to meet the needs of your students. This guide is intended to be practical so that teachers will be excited to include the lessons into academic subject areas and simultaneously promote breastfeeding education.