Population Health Improvement Program

The New York State Department of Health's Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP) will promote the Triple Aim of better care, better population health and lower health care costs. PHIP contractors each will work in one of several regions that together will serve the entire state. PHIP contractors will convene stakeholders and establish neutral forums to support strategic planning for identifying, sharing, disseminating and helping to implement best practices and local strategies to promote population health and reduce health care disparities in their respective regions. In particular, the PHIP will help support and advance ongoing activities related to the New York State Prevention Agenda 2013-2017 and the State Health Innovation Plan and incorporate strategies to reduce health and health care disparities.


Request for Applications:

The New York State Department of Health has issued an addendum to Request for Applications (RFA) #1405280128 Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP).

The RFA, with addendum, can be accessed through the Grants Gateway website. A link to the RFA also appears on the Department's website and on the New York State Contract Reporter website.

The addendum addresses how to submit non-binding letters of interest and makes a correction to Attachment#1, Regional Map. Applicants are encouraged but not required to submit non-binding letters of interest. The date by which the Department will accept letters of interest has been extended. Letters of interest will now be accepted until Thursday, September 11, 2014.

The deadline for applications is Monday, October 6, 2014..

Thank you for your interest in the PHIP. If you do not wish to receive further updates from the Department about the PHIP, please contact PHIPinfo@health.state.ny.us


The New York State Department of Health held a webinar on the Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP) on Friday, June 27, 2014 to provide information about the program to interested parties. The slides that were presented and a recording of the webinar have been posted below.


If you would like to be added to the PHIP mailing list, please contact PHIPinfo@health.state.ny.us.