Viral Hepatitis Strategic Plan 2010 - 2015

Viral hepatitis continues to be a public health priority that requires the concerted efforts of individuals, agencies and organizations at all levels and in every community. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one-third of Americans have been infected with hepatitis A and approximately 5 million are living with chronic hepatitis B and C.

The 2010 Viral Hepatitis Strategic Plan provides a roadmap to maximize the effectiveness of the work of a diverse array of individuals, agencies and organizations engaged in fighting viral hepatitis in NYS.


The mission of the Viral Hepatitis Strategic Plan is to outline a coordinated, comprehensive and systematic approach that will decrease the incidence and reduce the morbidity and mortality of viral hepatitis.


The Vision is to eliminate the new hepatitis A, B and C infections and improve the quality of life for individuals living with chronic hepatitis B and C.

The Strategic Plan uses a modular approach, with separate frameworks for hepatitis A, B and C. Each framework is inclusive of a wide range of goals and strategies necessary for a comprehensive approach. The frameworks offer flexibility to meet a variety of needs, offering users latitude and options for action. The frameworks are intended to be user-friendly and engaging. Themes and cross-cutting issues have been identified. These include: (1) promoting risk reduction; (2) ensuring access to vaccination and screening; (3) improving knowledge and awareness; (4) securing resources for hepatitis surveillance and research; (5) assuring timely access to care, treatment and other related services regardless of a person's ability to pay; (6) building the infrastructure for sound policy and program development; and (7) reducing stigma, discrimination and health disparities.