Diabetes Prevention and Management Toolkit

People who have diabetes or are at risk for the disease will find information to help them prevent type 2 diabetes or better manage diabetes. Health care providers will find educational materials for their patients as well as tools that will help them improve the quality of care for their patients.

These tools can be downloaded from this site or these and other diabetes related materials can be ordered through the New York State Department of Health's web site at www.nyhealth.gov

Diabetes Tools for Adults

Tools to Help Manage Diabetes

  • Personal Diabetes Care Card
    A wallet-sized card that helps people with diabetes keep track of the basic tests they need, how often they need them and the test results.

Tools to Help Prevent Diabetes

It's Never Too Early to Prevent Diabetes. A Lifetime of Small Steps for a Healthy Family

Diabetes Tools for Health Care Providers

  • "Shoes and Socks - Take Them Off"
    A little reminder for you and your doctor. Print out this poster which is available in:

Managing Your Patients' Diabetes

Tools to Help Manage Diabetes

Tools to Help Prevent Diabetes

Tools to Help Children at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes