Work-Related Fatalities

The New York State Department of Health collects information about occupational fatalities for both the Census for Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) program and the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) program.

The CFOI program, developed in 1991 by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, collects verifiable information on occupational fatalities. This information is used by health and safety professionals to develop strategies for prevention of both fatalities and serious injuries.

The FACE program investigates the factors leading to fatal injuries in the workplace. Recommendations for prevention of future injuries are made and distributed to employers, workers, and other organizations interested in promoting workplace safety.

Rapid identification of workplace fatalities will enable the State Health Department investigators to conduct investigations in a timely manner.

New York State Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries Reports

Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation

Occupational Fatality Alerts

  • Fatal Injuries Among Animal Handlers in New York State

    Farmers, veterinarians and other animal service workers handle animals on a daily basis and many of them are injured or even killed at work. This alert summarizes 17 work-related deaths among animal handlers in upstate New York between 2002 and 2008 and proposes preventive measures.

  • Dumbwaiters Can Kill, Interlocks on Doors Prevent Tragedy

    Older buildings may have dumbwaiters that don't have interlocks to prevent serious, even fatal injuries. No one should be allowed to operate a dumbwaiter until interlocks are installed and working properly.

Training Materials

  • Worker Fatality Prevention Videos

    These videos are based on real worker fatality cases that were investigated by the New York Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program. They can be used as a training tool to facilitate classroom discussion and highlight key prevention messages for worker training.

  • Snowmaker Safety Training

    Ski area employees tend to have high injury rates and snowmaking is one of the high risk operations. These materials were developed to inform snowmakers about how to prevent injuries while operating snowmaking equipment and traveling around the ski area.

  • Logging Safety: A Field Guide

    This Field Guide was developed to help workers safely perform their jobs. It provides detailed information on identifying, assessing, and reducing hazards associated with tree-related work. It can be used as a classroom training manual as well as a reference guide in the field.

  • Confined Space Awareness Training: Preventing Deaths and Injuries to Public Workers

    This training module was developed to provide supervisors and workers with information on how to prevent fatal injuries while working in confined spaces. The training is brief, can be easily delivered and provides materials designed to help prevent these injuries from occurring.

  • Preventing Deaths and Injuries to Public Workers While Working Around Mobile Equipment

    This training is designed to help workers recognize hazards and teach ways to protect themselves and their co-workers while working with and around mobile equipment. The training can be used by front-line supervisors of workers exposed to mobile equipment hazards or by workers themselves.

Fact Sheets

Title File Type Language
Truck Driver Run Over by Trash Compactor in Municipal Landfill HTML PDF Español
Not Following Lockout/Tagout Procedures Can Be Fatal HTML PDF Español
Flooding Fatal Injury Facts HTML PDF Español
Farming HTML PDF Español
Contractor Run Over by Front-End Loader at City Salt Stockyard HTML PDF Español
Tree-Work Fatal Injury Facts HTML PDF Español
Sanitation Fatal Injury Facts HTML PDF Español
Baling Fatal Injury Facts HTML PDF Español
Vehicle Repair Facts HTML PDF  
Staging Glass Crates HTML PDF  

Case Reports

Case No. Title File Type
12NY033 Restaurant Co-owner Fatally Crushed by a Dumbwaiter Car HTML PDF
12NY001 Snowmaker Killed after Sliding off an Icy Trail and Striking a Tree HTML PDF
11NY043 Operator Killed when Horizontal Auger Boring Machine Overturned HTML PDF
10NY060 A Department of Public Works Worker and a Volunteer Firefighter Died in a Sewer Manhole HTML PDF
09NY095 Tower Technician Killed When Guyed Tower Collapsed HTML PDF
08NY067 Contractor Crushed against the Cab of a Dump Truck by the Dump Body HTML PDF
08NY021 Day Laborer at Boat Dock Drowns after Falling into River HTML PDF
08NY011 Crane Boom Collapse Kills Man during Disassembling HTML PDF
07NY137 Equipment Operator Killed by a Lock Ring Propelled from a Multi-Piece Rim Wheel HTML PDF
07NY107 Master Stonemason Dies in Fall from Handmade Work Platform attached to Powered Industrial Truck HTML PDF
07NY092 Newspaper Carrier Killed in a Two-Car Head-On Collision HTML PDF
07NY080 Mechanic Killed when Aerial Work Platform Collapses HTML PDF
07NY033 A Plumber Dies After the Collapse of a Trench Wall HTML PDF
07NY015 Construction Laborer Dies after Falling Off Collapsed Precast Concrete Floor Slab HTML PDF
07NY013 Mechanic Dies after being Pulled into a Snow Thrower HTML PDF
06NY084 Truck Driver Buried by Mulch at Town Solid Waste Site HTML PDF
06NY010 Equipment Operator Killed when Pinned to a Tree by an Excavator HTML PDF
06NY001 Worker Crushed by a Crate of Glass in a Residential Construction Site HTML PDF
05NY039 Three Construction Workers Killed after being Struck by a Bus in a Highway Work Zone HTML PDF
05NY034 Guatemalan Tree-Service Worker Killed when Pulled into Brush Chipper HTML PDF
05NY013 Ironworker Foreman Crushed when Bridge Support Element Broke during Dismantling HTML PDF
05NY007 City Employee Killed when Clothing became Entangled around an Unguarded PTO Shaft on a Salt Truck HTML PDF
05NY001 Teenage Farm Worker Dies during Silage Defacer Entanglement HTML PDF
04NY135 Maintenance Mechanic Killed when Improperly Installed Overhead Garage Door Toppled Scissors Lift HTML PDF
04NY121 Farm Worker Dies during Grain Bin Auger Entanglement HTML PDF
04NY077 Farm Owner Dies during Tractor Overturn HTML PDF
04NY024 Machinist Crushed by a Steel Spool while Working on a Hydraulic Lift Table HTML PDF
04NY013 Department Store Employee Crushed in a Baling Machine HTML PDF
04NY012 Flagger Dies after being Struck by a Pickup Truck in a Highway Work Zone HTML PDF
04NY010 Dairy Farm Owner Dies during Manure Pump Entanglement HTML PDF
04NY002 Contractor Run Over by Front-End Loader at City Salt Stockyard HTML PDF
03NY049 Farm Worker Dies during Forage Chopping Entanglement HTML PDF
03NY040 Dairy Farmer Dies from Crushing Injuries Sustained while Loading Cows HTML PDF
03NY036 Truck Driver Dies during Payloader Crushing Incident HTML PDF
03NY034 Millwright Killed when Aerial Work Platform Tipped Over HTML PDF
03NY027 City Engineer Killed in Landfill Manhole when Retrieving Flow Meter HTML PDF
03NY024 Elderly Farm Worker Crushed to Death by Dairy Cows HTML PDF
03NY006 Worker Dies after Falling through a Steel Grid Plate into an Underground Coal Cracker HTML PDF
02NY096 Worker Fatally Injured by Steel Blade while Cleaning a Dough Machine HTML PDF
02NY069 Farm Worker Dies during Manure Truck Overturn HTML PDF
02NY060 Elderly Part-Time Farmer Dies during Fall and Subsequent Runover by Tractor and Attached Brush-Hog HTML PDF
02NY059 Farmer Dies after Backhoe Crushing Incident HTML PDF
02NY055 Contractor Dies in Tractor Overturn while Skidding Logs HTML PDF
02NY027 Truck Driver Killed when Struck by Laminated Veneer Beams HTML PDF
02NY026 Machine Operator Dies of Crushing Injuries when Caught by a Bridle Roller on a Hot Tin Coating Line HTML PDF
02NY023 Part-Time Farm Worker Dies during Tractor Overturn HTML PDF
02NY013 Logger Crushed while Felling a Tree HTML PDF
02NY012 Feed Mill Worker Dies in Grain Bin HTML PDF
02NY007 Truck Driver Run Over by Trash Compactor in Municipal Landfill HTML PDF

Other Injury Prevention Products

  • California FACE Digital Stories

    The California FACE program developed digital stories using FACE investigation reports, incident recreation photos, personal narration and family photos. They can be used for worker training. The videos (in both English and Spanish) can be viewed on YouTube or downloaded for future use.

  • Falls in Construction

    Falls are the leading cause of worker deaths in construction. Each year in the U.S., more than 200 construction workers are killed and over 10,000 are seriously injured by falls. The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health launched a national campaign to prevent construction falls. The campaign's goal is to prevent falls from roofs, ladders, and scaffolds by encouraging construction contractors to:

    • PLAN ahead to get the job done safely.
    • PROVIDE the right equipment.
    • TRAIN everyone to use the equipment safely.

    For more information on the Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction, please visit these websites OSHA, NIOSH, and The Center for Construction Research and Training.

  • Preventing Worker Deaths and Injuries When Handling Micotil 300®

    Livestock producers, veterinarians and other workers may be exposed to the toxic hazards of the animal antibiotic Micotil 300® while handling the product. Cardiotoxic effects of Micotil 300® on the human heart can be severe enough to cause death. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends that extreme care be given to following safe drug handling and injection procedures to avoid the possibility of self injection. Although no antidote exists for Micotil 300®, exposed persons should seek immediate medical intervention as the drug's cardiotoxic effects may be reversed.

    Preventing Worker Deaths and Injuries When Handling Micotil 300®

  • Fatalities Associated with Improper Hitching to Farm Tractors

    Many fatalities in agricultural industries are caused by tractor rollovers. The MMWR developed by the New York State Department of Health's Occupational Health Nurses in Agricultural Communities program summarizes the characteristics of one type of tractor rollover incidents: rear rollover and discusses the risk factors and prevention measures.

    Fatalities Associated with Improper Hitching to Farm Tractors -- New York, 1991-1995

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