The Trouble With Lead: Keeping Your Home and Family Safe

"The Trouble With Lead: Keeping Your Home and Family Safe" is a comprehensive video running just under 30 minutes. It is targeted to homeowners and do-it-yourselfers, but contractors have also found it useful.

The video is divided into three parts. The first part is an overview, providing information about how we are exposed to lead and the possible health effects. The second part focuses on hazard reduction and describes simple steps for reducing exposure. These steps range from good housekeeping techniques and nutrition tips to choosing the best approach for removing or reducing exposure to lead-based paint. There is a demonstration of how to do a simple project (replacing a window) safely. The third part of the video is devoted to the work of certified lead inspectors and contractors, and shows the importance of hiring a professional for larger scale projects.

Lead Educational Videotape

This VHS tape is free. You can order a copy by calling the NYS Department of Health at 518-402-7530 or 800-458-1158. Copies can be borrowed from 1200 public libraries, local health departments, Builder's Squares, Home Depots, some Blockbuster Videos, Advisory Council members, lead interim housing projects, hospital-based resource centers, local health departments and occupational health clinics. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency funded the production and duplication of the video.

There is also a video tape loop that goes by the same name. This is a 3-minute excerpt from the full tape that introduces "The Trouble With Lead" and names a few simple steps to reduce exposure. This is a 30-minute tape with the message repeated, and is intended for the general population to raise awareness. It may be most useful at community fairs and other public events.

For more information contact the NYS Department of Health at 518-402-7530 or 800-458-1158.