Progressive Swimming Instructor for NYS Children's Camps

Fact Sheet - February 2014

A progressive swimming instructor may not perform lifeguard duties unless:

  • currently certified as a qualified lifeguard; and
  • the individual is not concurrently performing instructional duties.

A progressive swimming instructor is required to assess the swimming ability of each camper prior to allowing the child to participate in aquatic activities. The following courses meet the certification requirements as specified in Section 7-2.5(f) of Subpart 7-2 of the New York State Sanitary Code:

Provider Certification Title
American Red Cross (ARC) Water Safety Instructor
Boy Scouts of America Aquatics Instructor, BSA
Cub Scout Aquatics Supervisor, BSA
Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Instructor
YMCA Special Population Swimming Instructor
YMCA Swim Lessons Instructor
Starfish Aquatics Institute Starfish Swimming Instructor1
PADI PADI Swimming Instructor1


  1. Certifications must indicate specialty program training in both Stroke and Swim School.

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