Intended Use Plan for the NYS Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

Appendix I

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Appendix I  

I. Project Readiness List
I.B. Project Readiness List Deletions

ProjectCountySystem Name/
15560OneidaVERNON VILLAGE / Vernon (V)New Transmission, New Storage, New Distribution System, New Inter-Connection$9,991,000.00110Change in project scope required new engineering report, project moved to multi-year list. Revised score from 70 to 110 based on new information. Revised cost based on new information.
16850SuffolkSUFFOLK COUNTY WATER AUTHORITY / Suffolk Co. Water AuthorityBull Path Pump Station, Northwest, New Ground Water Source, New Pump Station$1,166,000.0090Project removed from readiness list as requested by the applicant.
17041SuffolkSUFFOLK COUNTY WATER AUTHORITY / Suffolk Co. Water AuthorityHarborview Association-Fresh Pond Road, North Haven, Extend Distribution System$203,261.0070Project previously funded.
17006NY CityNEW YORK CITY-CATSKILL/DELAWARE SYSTEM / NYCMWFA(Phase II of 16478)3rd City tunnel and shafts, crit redund, dist press,Field services(C538B CM),Excavation shafts 24B-29B, 33B(C538B), Upgrade Transmission$52,500,000.0060Score revised from 2060 to 60 points to reflect that Phase 1 (16478) of this project was not funded as anticipated during the previous IUP funding period.
Total # Projects: 4$63,860,261