Final Intended Use Plan for the New York State Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

Attachment VI: Output and Outcome Measures

Environmental Results Grant Requirements

As required by EPA Order 5700.7, Environmental Results under EPA Assistance Agreements, New York will provide the following output and outcome measures in its DWSRF Biennial/Annual Reports and IUP:

National Reportable Outputs/Outcomes for DWSRF

  1. The annual percentage of assistance agreements to bring entities into compliance.
  2. Fund utilization rate [cumulative financing agreement dollars to the cumulative funds available for projects] for the DWSRF.
  3. Return on Federal Investment [cumulative dollar amount of assistance disbursements to projects divided by cumulative federal outlays for projects].
  4. The cumulative number of project completions.

Anticipated Outputs for DWSRF

  1. Number of binding commitments (50).
  2. Number of financing agreements (50).
  3. Number of assistance agreements for system compliance (40).
  4. Number, dollar amounts, and/or population served of projects financed (50/$150M).
  5. Our fund utilization rate remaining higher than the national average.
  6. Our rate at which projects progressed as measured by disbursements as a percent of assistance provided remaining at or higher than the national average.

Anticipated Outcomes (Short-Term/Long-Term) for DWSRF

  1. Number of projects initiating operation resulting in improved compliance (25).
  2. Improved compliance for systems receiving DWSRF assistance.

Anticipated Outputs for Set-Asides

  1. Small System Technical Assistance
    • Number of systems receiving training (600).
    • Number of systems receiving on-site technical assistance (100).
  2. State Program Management
    • Data management system maintained.
    • State required updates to primacy made.
  3. Source Water Protection Program
    • Number of source water strategies in place and implemented (15).
  4. Capacity Development Program
    • Implement statewide strategy.

Anticipated Outcomes (Short-Term/Long-Term) for Set-Asides

  1. Improved compliance for systems receiving Technical Assistance.
  2. Attainment of primacy for new rules.
  3. Improved data quality.
  4. Improvement to capacity development baseline.