About the Adult Care Facility / Assisted Living Residence Public Comment List


Article 46-B of Public Health Law, also known as the Assisted Living Reform Act, establishes definitions and requirements for Assisted Living. The Assisted Living Reform Act creates several new certification categories: Assisted Living Residence (ALR), Enhanced Assisted Living Residence (EALR) and Special Needs Assisted Living Residence (SNALR); and outlines the general requirements for these types of facilities.

Section 4656 (B) of the Assisted Living Reform Act defines "good standing" of an applicant for ALR, EALR or SNALR and provides the components of review for ALR, EALR or SNALR applications, including a character and competence review for those applicants not deemed in good standing as defined by the Act. This paragraph of the legislation also provides that "As part of the review provided pursuant to this paragraph, the Department shall, on its webpage, solicit and consider public comment;

(C) that such applicant has adequate financial resources to provide such assisted living as proposed;

(D) that the building, equipment, staff, standards of care and records to be employed in the operation comply with applicable statutes and any applicable law;

(E) that any license or permit required by law for the operation of such residence has been issued to such operator;

(F) in the case of an applicant which does not have an existing valid adult care facility operating certificate, such applicant shall otherwise comply with the provisions for certification as prescribed by Article 7 of Social Services Law."


The Adult Care Facility / Assisted Living Residence List is a listing of facilities currently with active applications for ALR, EALR and SNALR. Recognizing the importance of public comment in application review, the Department has also included in this listing information on current Adult Care Facility (ACF) applicants. This listing will be updated on this website regularly.

The following information on each facility will be posted for the type of public comment described above: County; Name and Type of Facility; Address; Application Number and Date Received; Current and Proposed Number and Type of Licensed Beds; Name and Type of Owner/Applicant; and Governing Authority of the Facility.

The public is invited to review this listing and provide comment pursuant to section 4656 (B-F) (as discussed above) on any of the posted applicants. These comments will be reviewed and considered as part of the application process for the listed facilities.


Comments may be submitted electronically to alreform@health.state.ny.us or by selecting the "comment on this application" link provided on the website.

Additionally, comments may be submitted to the Department of Health's Complaint Intake Unit for adult homes and enriched housing programs through its toll-free hotline: 1-866-893-6772.