Pre-Opening Survey Process

  • After receipt of Approval Letter, Provider contacts and advises DOH Regional Office (RO) of Target Opening Date
  • Facility Contacts DOH Regional Office (RO) to Schedule a Survey
  • RO Sends Acknowledgement to Facility
  • RO Follows up with Facility for Scheduling Updates
    • Environmental Documentation Checklist (EDC) Submission Requirements Reviewed - EDC checklist
  • Facility Submits All Required Documents to RO
    • Incomplete and missing documentation may delay Survey Date!
    • To avoid rescheduling survey, submit all documents identified as missing or requiring completion
    • Refer to EDC for list of required documentation; Consult with RO staff as needed - EDC checklist
  • RO Sends Confirmation Correspondence of Survey Date
  • RO Conducts Survey
    • Survey Findings will be communicated to providers for corrections
    • All Survey Findings will need to be corrected for Project Approval
    • See Common Findings
  • RO Approves Project for Opening
  • CON Process is Completed and the Project Status is Marked as CLOSED in NYSECON unless otherwise notified

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