Selecting a Nursing Home in New York State

Find and compare nursing homes in New York State

A Guide for Consumers - Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nursing Home

"Selecting a Nursing Home in New York State" is also available in Portable Document Format (PDF, 113KB, 34pg.)

Nursing homes are places to live where care is available for people who need 24-hour nursing care and supervision outside of a hospital. Although all nursing homes must provide certain basic services, some homes provide special care for certain types of clients. For example, some homes provide services for the head injured, some for those who are ventilator-dependent, some for people with AIDS and some specialize in the care of children.

There are a wide range of alternatives to institutional care that allow individuals to remain in their home or receive care in other types of community-based settings. Homemaker services, Adult Day Healthcare, Housekeeping Services, Meals on Wheels, Personal Care Assistance, or Home Care services are examples of services that can be provided as an alternative to nursing home care. Other types of congregate living such as Adult Homes, family type homes for adults, Assisted Living, and Enriched Housing also provide some care and services to individuals that may meet their needs. In some instances, however, the level of nursing, medical, and psychosocial care that nursing homes provide are most appropriate to meet an individual's needs. After you have explored alternatives and you, your family and involved professional health care professionals agree that a nursing home is an appropriate care setting, it is important that you take care in selecting a nursing facility that fits your needs.

Information contained in this Guide will aid you in selecting the right nursing home. It is written for you, the prospective resident. If someone else must organize the search and make the decisions, you should be as involved as possible in the process.

This information is divided into two sections: