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Topics and Target Audiences

Address Label
HIV/AIDS Transmission, Prevention and Awareness
General Adult Audiences
AIDS: 100 Questions and Answers About HIV/AIDS (Booklet)
English (0213)
100 Preguntas y Resputestas Sobre El SIDA/VIH
Spanish (0214)
HIV & AIDS Facts (Brochure)
English (9242)
Datos Sobre el: VIH y El SIDA
Spanish (9243)
What Can I Do If I Have Just Been Exposed To HIV? (Pamphlet)
English (9104)
AIDS Does Not Discriminate (Bookmark)
English (9447)
HIV Hotlines/ Conserjería y Prueba del VIH Anónima (Wallet Card)
English/Spanish (0210)
Could It Be Acute HIV? (Booklet)
English (9585)
Spanish (9586)
Faith Communities Response to HIV/AIDS (DVD, 76 mins.)
English (9604)
A Guide to HIV/AIDS Education in Faith Settings (8 1/2" x 11", 3-hole punched)
English (9256)
Instructions for Using a Male Condom (PDF, 88 KB, 4pg.)

Available online for download only.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing
HIV/AIDS: Basic Facts for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
English (9610)

*Publication can also be downloaded online

Taking A Stand: Get Tested
English (9630)
Spanish (9631)
It's Your Life. Protect It
English (9627)
Spanish (9629)
What's Your Pleasure? How to Use the Female Condom (Pamphlet)
English (9571)
Spanish (9572)
What's Your Pleasure? How to Use the Female Condom (Poster)
English (9576)
Spanish (9574)
To Love is to Protect (Poster)
English (9106)
Por ti, por mi, por nosotros (For you, for me, for us) (Poster)
English/Spanish (9107)
To Love is to Protect (Poster)
English (9108)
Hispanic women represent 30% of AIDS cases among women aged 25 to 54 in New York State
Spanish (9109)
Respect Yourself. Protect Yourself (Poster)
English (9110)
They've Been Hit. With AIDS Too. (Poster)
English (9264)
El SIDA tabien las ha golpeado.
Spanish (9265)
And We Shall Win! (Poster)
English (9186)
Las Mujeres y el VIH: Una Llamada a las mujeres
Spanish (9404)
Hispanic Persons
¿Quién cuidará de tus seers queridos si tú faltas? (Who will Take Care of Your Loved Ones if You Are Gone?) (Poster)
Spanish (9188)
Native Americans
Protect Our Nations from HIV/AIDS (Poster)
English (9245)
Protect Our Nations from HIV/AIDS (Brochure)
English (9266)
Older Adults
Older, Wiser, More Responsible: Age Won't Protect You from AIDS (Poster)
English (9119)
Older, Wiser, More Responsible: HIV and Older Adults-Staying Healthy with HIV (Booklet)
English (9113)
Spanish (9114)
Been There, Done That: Sex Never Gets Old (Booklet)
English (9102)
Spanish (9103)
Young Adults & Adolescents
One Good Reason (Poster)
English (9158)
RU+ Scratch-off Cards
HIV/STDs, drugs, alcohol
English (9634)
Spanish (9635)
HIV knowledge
English (9636)
Spanish (9637)
English (9638)
Spanish (9639)
HIV/STD Testing
English (9640)
Spanish (9641)
HIV/STD relationships
English (9642)
Spanish (9643)
Super Sleuths Learn About HIV and AIDS: An activity book for children in grades 4-5 (Booklet)
English (9534)
Spanish (9536)
Animals to the Rescue! Teaching Kids about HIV and AIDS: An activity book for children in grades 1-3 (Booklet)
English (9535)
Spanish (9541)
Talking with Young People About HIV and AIDS: A handbook for parents and caregivers (Booklet)
English (0243)
Spanish (0246)
HIV Counseling and Testing
Say Yes to the HIV Test (Brochure)
English (9678)
Spanish (9684)
Chinese (9692)
French (9691)
Haitian Creole (9693)
Korean (9694)
Russian (9690)
Vietnamese (9695)
Say Yes to the HIV Test (Poster)
English (9677)
Spanish (9683)
Say Yes to the Test (Handbook)
English (9700)
RU+? Take the Time. Take the Test. Take Charge. (Brochure)
English (9619)
Spanish (9620)
RU+? Companion DVD-Rom
English (9628)
RU+? Get Tested for HIV (Poster)-Abbreviations: M = male; F = female; AA = African-American; H = Hispanic; W = White
English/Spanish (AA, M-M) (0235)
English/Spanish (AA/H, F-F) (0236)
English/Spanish (H/M-F) (0237)
English/Spanish (AA/M-F) (0238)
English/Spanish (W, M-F) (0239)
English/Spanish (AA/H, M-F) (0244)
Thinking about HIV? HIV Testing (Poster)
English (9524)
Defendant HIV Testing: Information for Survivors of Sexual Assault
English (9598)
Spanish (9599)
Defendant HIV Testing: Information for Defendants in Sexual Assault Cases
English (9596)
Spanish (9597)
Reasons to Get an HIV Test (Brochure)
English (0232)
Spanish (0233)
HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
STD & HIV Facts (Brochure)
English (9111)
Spanish (9112)
What You Need to Know about the Links between HIV & STDs (Brochure)
English (0247)
Diseases that can Be Spread During Sex (Brochure)
English (3805)
Spanish (3806)
The Expanded Syringe Access Program (ESAP)
Required ESAP Safety Insert (Brochure)
English (9359)
Spanish (9360)
How to Safely Dispose of Household Sharps (Brochure)
English (0909)
Spanish (0941)
Safe Sharps Disposal (Poster)
English (9461)
Spanish (9462)
Be Aware, Don't Share (Brochure)
English (9405)
Spanish (9406)
Be Aware, Don't Share (Poster)
English (9420)
Spanish (9421)
Diabetes? (Booklet)
English (9458)
Spanish (9459)
HIV Prevention and Injection Drug Use
What Does Your Needle Look Like? (Brochure)
English (9508)
Spanish (9509)
Stay Healthy and Survive! (Wallet Card)
English (9160)
Spanish (9161)
Ever wish you could...quit using heroin? Protect yourself from HIV?... (Booklet)
English (9162)
Spanish (9163)
See An Overdose? Call 911 Immediately! (Poster)
English (0230)
Spanish (0231)
See An Overdose? Call 911 Immediately! (Palm Cards)
English (0226)
Spanish (0227)
Available Online for Download only
Hepatitis A: General Information - Brochure, July 2011 (English) (PDF, 583KB, 2pg.)
Hepatitis C Prevention (Brochure)
English (9338)
What do You Know about Hepatitis C & HIV? (Brochure)
English (9602)
Spanish (9603)
Important News for Pregnant Women (Pamphlet) Available Online for Download Only
English (PDF, 125KB, 2pg.)
Spanish (PDF, 186KB, 2pg.)
Pregnancy & HIV: Caring for yourself and your baby (Brochure) Available Online for Download Only
English (PDF 218KB, 2pg.)
Spanish (PDF, 140KB, 2pg.)
Important News for New Mothers About Your Baby's HIV Test (Pamphlet) Available Online for Download Only
English (PDF, 101KB, 2pg.)
Spanish (PDF, 106KB, 2pg.)
French (PDF, 103KB, 2pg.)
Chinese (PDF, 2.1MB, 2pg.)
Russian (PDF, 1.1MB, 2pg.)
Vietnamese (PDF, 2.5MB, 2pg.)
Haitian Creole (PDF, 1.2MB, 2pg.)
HIV Reporting and Partner Services
Let's Talk About You: Partner Services
English (9676)
Spanish (9682)
Partner Services: Patient's Guide
English (9593)
Spanish (9595)
Partner Services Palm Cards
Buffalo Region
Capital District Region
Central NY Region
Long Island Region
Lower Hudson Valley Region
Rochester Region
HIV Medications and Treatment Adherence
Staying on Schedule: Tips for Taking your HIV medicines (Booklet)
English (9236)
Spanish (9240)
Stay on Schedule: Tips for remembering your medication (Wallet Card)
English (9388)
Spanish (9389)
Managing Side Effects of HIV Medications (Booklet)
English (9408)

Available only online

Spanish (9409)

Available only online

HIV Uninsured Care Programs: ADAP
HIV Uninsured Care Programs (Brochure)
English (9211)
Spanish (9212)
French (9213)
Haitian Creole (9214)
Italian (9199)
Russian (9198)
ADAP Plus (Poster)
English (1040)
Spanish (1041)
French (1051)
ADAP Plus Point Talk Translators (Flyer)
French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (9222)
Greek, Arabic, Polish, Pular, Creole, Fulfide (9223)
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Hindi (9224)
Living with HIV/AIDS
Your Brother's Care: Getting Help for HIV
English (0215)
Spanish (0216)
You are Not Alone (Poster)
African-American Male (9621)
African-American Female (9622)
Caucasian Female (9623)
Hispanic Male, English (9625)
Hispanic Male, Spanish (9626)
Alcohol & HIV: A Mix You Can Avoid
English (9609)
Spanish (9618)
MRSA and HIV Infection: How to Protect Yourself
English (0212)
Staying Healthy for Life: A Resource Guide for People with HIV
This 16-page booklet is available only online.
HIV and Smoking: It's Time to Live (Brochure)
English (9533)
Spanish (9549)
HIV and Smoking: Smoking Stresses Your Immune System (Poster)
English (9581)
Spanish (9584)
HIV and Cancer: What's the Link? (Brochure)
English (9532)
Spanish (9550)
Taking Care of Ourselves: Mental Health and People Living with HIV/AIDS
English (9579)
Case Management: Helps You Put the Pieces Together (Booklet)
English (9588)
Spanish (9590)
Good Oral Health is Important (Booklet)
English (9494)
Oral Health is Important: A guide for caregivers of children with HIV infection (Booklet)
English (9254)
Spanish (9255)
Too Good to be True? What you need to know to avoid AIDS treatment fraud (Booklet)
English (9490)
New York State Confidentiality Law & HIV : Questions and Answers (Brochure)
English (9192)
Spanish (9193)
You Can Prevent PCP in Children with HIV infection (Brochure)
English (9341)
Spanish (9472)
Preventing Infections from Pets: A guide for people with HIV infection (Brochure)
English (9342)
Spanish (9473)
Safe Food and Water: A guide for people with HIV infection (Brochure)
English (9343)
Spanish (9474)
Preventing Infections During Travel: A guide for people with HIV infection (Brochure)
English (9344)
Spanish (9475)
Please note: New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute materials about HIV, including those materials that are designated as being for persons with HIV, are available to anyone regardless of their HIV status. Consequently, requests for such materials do not identify the requestor as a person with HIV.
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