Regional Consumer Guide Domains

A Consumer's Guide to Managed Care

The NYS Department of Health publishes six regional guides for each type of insurance: 1) commercial HMO, 2) commercial PPO, and 3) Medicaid managed care and Child Health Plus (CHP). The Medicaid and Child Health Plus guides are also available in Spanish and can be requested at

The Consumer Guides rate plans on ten domains of care. Plans are scored based on their standardized score performance for measures in the domain, and the overall quality rating represents the performance for the plan across domains.

The measures used in this guide represent some, but not all of the measures collected from health plans through NYS Quality Assurance Reporting Requirements (QARR). For additional information about the individual measures used in each category, as well as, the other quality of care measures available, please see the New York State Department of Health's eQARR website.

The following describes the measures in each domain of care:

Commercial HMO, Commercial PPO, and Medicaid and Child Health Plus Managed Care Domains:

Child and Adolescent Care

Women's Preventive Care

Maternal Health

Adult Care

Care for Respiratory Conditions

Diabetes Care

Cardiovascular Care

Mental Health

Satisfaction with Adult Care

Satisfaction with Children's Care (Medicaid and CHP Only)

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