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NYS Medicaid State Plan Amendment ( #12-10 and #12-11) Approved for Health Homes Phases 2 and 3

We are pleased to announce that CMS has approved New York's Medicaid State Plan Amendments for Phase 2 & 3 Health Home State Plan Amendments (SPAs #12-10 & #12-11). SPA #12-10 has an effective date of April 1, 2012 and SPA # 12-11 is July 1, 2012.

Phase 2 Health Homes with executed Data Exchange Application Agreements (DEAAs) and Health Commerce System (HCS) access will begin receiving information about member assignments in the next few weeks. Managed Care plans will also be receiving assignment lists for their members.

Phase 3 providers should update their partner network tables in their online application as soon as possible in order to facilitate DOH development of Health Home assignments for Fee-for-Service members. Health Homes that have not already done so, need to complete the Data Exchange Application Agreements (DEAAs) and obtain Health Commerce System (HCS) access in order to receive member assignment lists.

It also is important that Phase 3 Health Homes continue working to develop contracts with Managed Care Plans to facilitate enrolling MCO members in their Health Home.