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The following documents represent the versions of the FACT-GP and the Health Home Functional Assessment that are to be used on each Health Home at enrollment, annually and at discharge. These do not take the place of the comprehensive assessment that should be done on each enrollee. They do allow the department to collect basic information about the members in the health home in order to adjust risk scoring and to measure longitudinal changes in this population.

The required languages are provided in both instruments. Instructions are included to explain the scoring of the tool. One can either do one's own scoring or can use a scoring sheet that automatically scores the tools. The department recommends use of the latter scoring sheet to reduce mathematical errors. The results of these instruments will be reported on the Health Home CMART which will be posted shortly.


*Please note: There are two Chinese versions of the FACT-GP and Health Home Functional Assessment – Simplified (MCHI) and Traditional (TCHI). The Simplified version is used in China, Malaysia and Singapore, and the Traditional version is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Users should ask respondents which version they would prefer.

Health Home Functional Questionnaire

Scoring for the FACT - GP and Health Home Functional Questionnaire

FACT - GP and Health Home Questionnaire Scoring Sheet

Quality Measures

Process Measures (HH-CMART)