Health Homes Serving Children

The New York State Health Home Program was launched in 2012. While children who meet the Health Home eligibility requirements have been eligible for Health Home enrollment since that time, it has been the intent of the State to work with existing Health Homes and other providers to tailor New York State's Health Home Model to better serve children and to recognize the important differences in the approach to care management and planning for children and adults. The links below provide webinars and important information that is being developed by the State (e.g. The New York State Department of Health, the Office of Mental Health, the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, and the Office of Children and Family Services) in consultation with Health Homes, Managed Care Plans, children's advocates and other stakeholders to tailor the Health Home model to better serve children. The State expects to work and collaborate with stakeholders over the next several months to tailor New York's Health Home model for children and anticipates that it will begin to phase in the enrollment of children in Health Homes on October, 2016.

Health Homes Designated (Contingently) to Serve Children

Final Health Home Application to Serve Children - Ended March 2, 2015

Children's Health Home Training Webinars and Presentations

Complex Trauma

Child Adolescent Needs and Strengths-NY (CANS-NY)