Health Home Implementation Grants

$15 Million in Implementation Grants Awarded to New York State Health Homes

The Department of Health is pleased to announce it has now awarded the entire $15 million in Health Home Implementation Grants authorized in the 2013-2014 budget.

The Health Home Implementation Grants were awarded in two Stages. In Stage I, $2.2 million in grants were awarded to 22 Health Homes on July 24, 2013. The remaining $12.8 million in grants were awarded on March 5, 2014. All designated Health Homes received an award in Stage II.

The breakdown of both Stage I and Stage II distribution is shown in the table below.

Health Home (HH) Score Stage I Formula Number of HHs Award Per HH Stage I Grants Made in July 2013 Award per Health Home Stage II Uses Formula/Score from Stage I Grants) Total Awards Stage I and II Per Health Home
HHs with scores > 50 16 $110,000 $451,765 $561,765
HHs with scores = 50 6 $55,000 $426,667 $481,667
HHs with scores < 50 9 $0 $284,444 $284,444
Southern Tier TBD HH -- $110,000 $451,765 $561,765
Total Grant Awards $2.2 Million $12.8 Million $15.0 Million

Consistent with the provisions authorizing the allocation of these grants, awards are being funded from savings identified from other initiatives supported under the Global Spending Cap. The grants will help offset the critical investments made by Health Homes to launch the Health Home Program. The Health Home Program is a Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) initiative that provides comprehensive care management and coordination services to manage the complex medical and behavioral needs of high volume, high cost users of Medicaid services. The formula used to allocate these grants considered elements required by the authorizing statute, input from the Health Home Managed Care Work Group, and the desire to allocate a limited amount of grant resources as widely and effectively as practicable.

As shown in the following tables, the formula allocates points based on the lack of access to similar funding resources; Health Information Technology (HIT) connectivity; geographic and demographic factors (i.e., Health Homes serving rural areas of the State or a small population across a large geographic area); and the prevalence of Health Home qualifying conditions (as measured by the prevalence of heart disease and poor mental health and the acuity of Health Home members).

The Department looks forward to working with CMS to advance the State Plan Amendment that will provide additional funding to ensure the success of the Health Home Program beyond its early stages of development.

Elements of Formula to Allocate Health Home Grants

Lead Health Home Measure Points
Yes No
Does the Health Home have a defined relationship with a RHIO? 10 5
Did the Health Home receive resources or otherwise benefit from HEAL 17 Grants? (Based on Health Home Survey Responses) 0 10
Did the Health Home participant in a CMMI grant or program?
(Based on Health Home Survey Responses)
0 10
Is the average cardiovascular death rate in the Health Home service area greater than the average of 250 per 100,000 residents? (Vital Statistics Data 2011) 10 0
Is the average rate of poor mental health in the Health Home service area greater than the average of 8,500 per 100,000 residents? (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2008-2009) 10 0
Was the average acuity of the Health Home members higher than 7.5? (Based on Average Acuity of Health Home members from the May 22, 2013 Assignment Files and Members Reported in the Health Home Tracking System as of June 7, 2013) 30 0
Total Population of Counties Served by Health Home (2010 Census) Points
< 50,000 10
50,000 - 100,000 8
100,001 - 250,000 6
250,001 - 500,000 2
500,001+ 0
Geographic Region Served, Measured in Square Miles (Vital Statistics 2009) Points
< 500 square miles 0
> 500 square miles 2
> 1,000 square miles 4
> 2,000 square miles 6
> 4,000 square miles 10
Rural Percent Based on Area Served (Based on 2010 Census of Urban and Rural Classification) Points
< 50 Percent 0
> 50 Percent 10