Housing and Health Homes

Housing is an essential service component of the Health Home program and stable housing is integral to improving health outcomes and lowering costs for high-needs, high cost Medicaid members. Designated Lead Health Homes are expected to develop health home networks to provide enrollees access to housing. Health Home care management will work with supportive housing providers to transition to and maintain stable housing by coordinating needed behavioral, social and medical services. In the future, all Health Home and Housing related material will be available on this web page.

Health Home to Housing Materials

Recent partnerships between NYSDOH Health Home Program and Housing Providers

In December 2012, the Health Home Program sent an online questionnaire to all lead Health Homes as it relates to MRT Health Home initiatives. Answers helped to develop the agenda for round table discussions between Health Homes, housing providers, and other stakeholders. Survey results as well as round table discussions complement the work of the MRT Affordable Housing workgroup.

Medicaid Redesign Team – Health Home Supportive Housing Pilot

In partnership with the Medicaid Redesign Team Affordable Housing Workgroup, the Health Home program has issued an RFA for funding to run a Supportive Housing Health Home Pilot Program. The pilot program will seek to provide rental and service subsidies for Health Home members through an increased collaboration between Supportive Housing Providers and Health Homes. All questions and comments regarding the RFA should be emailed to HHOPPS@health.state.ny.us or mailed to

  • Health Home Program
    New York State Department of Health
    Office of Health Insurance Programs
    Division of Program Development & Management
    Corning Tower [OCP 720)
    Albany NY, 12237

Each inquiry should cite the RFA section and paragraph to which it refers. Questions and comments will be accepted until March 28th, 2014, 4:00PM EST.

The RFA can be viewed and downloaded by visiting the link below.

In addition to the Health Home pilot program there are several other MRT initiatives related to housing. The MRT Supportive Housing Initiative seeks to ensure that Medicaid members have proper housing that promotes a healthy environment and lifestyle. Below are previous housing procurements and maps highlighting available MRT housing units across New York State. More information can be found on the Department of Health Redesigning Medicaid website.

Maps of MRT housing units across New York State

Medicaid Redesign Team Affordable Housing Workgroup

The charge of the Workgroup is to evaluate New York's current programs of supportive housing for the purpose of assuring that the availability of necessary care and services. Supportive housing will be broadly defined as any combination of market rate or subsidized housing and services that will meet the needs of the targeted populations. The Health Home program will continue to work in partnership with the Workgroup moving forward.

Useful Housing Websites

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