DOH Medicaid Update Index - C

Care At Home

Check Amount

Chemical Dependence

Child Care Agencies

Child Health Plus (CHP)

Citizenship Documentation Requirements




Clinical Drug Review Program (CDRP)


Colorectal Cancer


Compound Prescription

  • Update on Pharmacy Billing Procedures for Compounded Prescriptions - February 2014
  • Important Information on Ketamine use in Compounded Prescriptions - February 2014
  • Coverage of Compounded Prescriptions for the Dual Eligible Population - February 2014
  • Prescription Serial Numbers and Compound Billing for Individual Ingredients April 2008
  • Revised Pharmacy Billing Procedures for Compounded Prescriptions February 2004
  • Pharmacists: Compound Billing Information April 2003
  • Pharmacy Compound Prescription Billing Instructions February 2002
  • Compounded Prescription Billing Instruction Change November 2000
  • Compounded Prescription Billing Change October 2000
  • Comprehensive Case Management

    Compression Stockings

    Compulsive Gambling


    Coronary Angiography

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