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Patient Centered Medical Home

PCMH Quarterly Report

The report is intended to provide a snapshot of the PCMH program as well as an illustration of how the program is changing over time.

Three Sections:

  • Provider Information: includes the number of PCMH-recognized providers in the state by recognition level
  • Enrollee Information: includes counts of NYS Medicaid enrollees who see PCMH-recognized primary care providers
  • Fiscal Information: includes the amount spent on PCMH by New York State Medicaid through increased capitation rates to recognized providers and fee-for-service 'add-ons' for qualifying visits with recognized providers.
  • December 2013 (PDF)
  • September 2013 (PDF)
  • June 2013 (PDF, 861KB)
  • March 2013 (PDF, 580KB)
  • December 2012 (PDF, 580KB)

The Patient Centered Medical Home Initiative in New York State Medicaid

This 2013 Report to the Governor and the Legislature describes the different PCMH initiatives that New York State Medicaid is participating in, as well as information on program trends, evaluation results, and accomplishments.