Training Invitation Letter and Instructions

January 2012

Dear Provider:

The purpose of this letter is to supply all health care providers who administer immunizations with information regarding training opportunities for the New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS). NYSIIS is the web-based statewide immunization information system for New York State providers outside of the five boroughs of New York City.

NYSIIS was developed as required under Article 21, Title 6, Section 2168 of the Public Health Law. This law, which took effect January 1, 2008, mandates health care providers to report all immunizations administered to persons less than 19 years of age to the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). The law also requires that immunization histories of all persons less than 19 years of age who receive vaccines after January 1, 2008 also be recorded in NYSIIS, if those histories have not already been reported.

The Public Health Law provided a two year implementation period to enable providers to be phased in through continuous regional roll out. Between 2008 and 2011 multiple training opportunities and methods were available to all providers statewide. It is important to note that those who are not currently participating are out of compliance with the legislative mandate. Failure to comply with public health law may result in monetary penalties. It is imperative that any provider organization that has not yet attended training or begun reporting to NYSIIS take the necessary steps to do so by reviewing the contents of this letter. Webinar trainings and onsite opportunities are available.

The following information is included in this letter:

  1. Health Commerce System (HCS) Account Instructions
  2. NYSIIS User Roles
  3. Training Options
  4. Training Schedule and Registration
  5. Pre and Post Training Checklist
  6. Where to Get Additional Information

1. Health Commerce System (HCS) Account Instructions

Individual HCS accounts are required for accessing NYSIIS. All NYSIIS users should have their own personal active HCS account prior to training. HCS accounts cannot be shared. Without an HCS account, users will not be able to access the NYSIIS application in the training environment or in their office. The process to obtain an HCS account can take up to two weeks.

  • NYSDOH Health Commerce System is a secure intranet designed by NYSDOH specifically for electronically exchanging health related data and information between health care providers and NYSDOH.
  • Providers will be accessing the web-based immunization information system through the HCS. Internet access is required to log on to the HCS.
  • A prescribing medical professional within a practice can request an HCS account at the following Department of Health web site:
  • Any prescribing medical professional who obtains an HCS account is automatically given "Director" and "HCS Coordinator" roles.
    • The HCS Coordinator role is authorized to manage the medical practice user accounts on the HCS and be the principal point of contact concerning HCS access. The Coordinator will be given access to the online request forms for obtaining additional user accounts for other staff, which include non-medical office staff. This can be done through the Health Commerce web site by logging on to:
    • Click on Coord Account Tools- HCS under "My Applications" on the left side of the main screen.
    • Click the "Account Requests" link
    • Select the appropriate link under "Account Requests"
  • The prescribing medical professional may delegate the Coordinator role to one or more medical or non-medical staff members. It is recommended that an office designate at least two staff as Coordinators. Every HCS Coordinator must have an active HCS account. This can be done through the Health Commerce web site by logging on: and accessing Coord Account Tools- HCS and requesting a "Coordinator" account.
  • All staff from providers' practices that will be responsible for accessing NYSIIS will need HCS accounts. Each user needs to have their own PERSONAL, unique login id and password.
  • Users can apply for access by submitting a signed and notarized account request form through their Coordinator.

If you are not sure if your work site has previously applied for access to the HCS, or who your HCS Coordinator is, you can contact the Commerce Account Management Unit (CAMU) Help Desk at 1-866-529-1890 or

2. NYSIIS User Roles

NYSIIS is set up to accommodate a variety of user types. Each user will have access to certain features of the application based on the role assigned to them. Training opportunities targeting both the NYSIIS Administrative User and the NYSIIS Standard User roles are available.

  • NYSIIS Administrative User - This is the main contact for NYSIIS within the health care organization. The administrative user can access all features of the application. Only the administrative user will be authorized to provide access to NYSIIS for all appropriate staff by adding them as NYSIIS users to the system. Other responsibilities include maintaining all organization specific information and adding and maintaining physician and school information for their organization. In addition, if your organization chooses to utilize the vaccine inventory functions available within NYSIIS, only the Administrative User will have access to add and manage vaccine inventory.

    Please Note: Administrative User training is available by webinar only. It is recommended that Administrative Users receive both Standard User and Administrative User training. A combined Standard/Administrative User webinar is available. Refer to the training schedule.

  • NYSIIS Standard User - This is the most common user role for NYSIIS. The standard user adds, edits, and finds patients, manages immunization information, and can run and print various immunization reports (e.x., Patient Specific, Doses Administered, Reminder Recall, etc.). This type of user should seek NYSIIS Standard User training.

3. Training Options

For participants to receive the maximum benefit of training and to ensure training remains focused on the training-related content, training participants are expected to have the following basic knowledge:

  • General computer skills necessary to operate and navigate Windows based applications.
  • Computer related terminology and acronyms (e.g., icon, desktop, search, toolbars, menus).
  • Use of the internet, including accessing, navigating and using search engines (browsers).
  • General knowledge of immunizations.
  • General knowledge of their organizational processes and procedures, particularly for those users who will be functioning as a NYSIIS Administrative User.

Primary Training Options

  • Webinar Training – Both User Roles (Live and Recorded Sessions)
  • Onsite Training or Organization-Specific Webinars – Both User Roles

Supplemental Training

For new users, the following training methods should only be used in conjunction with one of the primary training options above. The user manual and self-guided tutorials are not intended to be the sole source of training for new users, however, the following training methods are a good reference tool and/or refresher as users begin utilizing NYSIIS.

  • User Manual – Available in Hardcopy and Online
  • Self-guided Online Tutorials – Available through the NYSDOH Health Commerce System portal – from the home page click: Documents>NYSIIS>Training>Self-Guided NYSIIS Training Tutorials

Webinar Training

A webinar provides demonstration of the NYSIIS application via the internet. It is a convenient training format that allows participants to watch training from their office computer. Both live and recorded webinars are available. During the live webinar sessions, participants will be able to communicate with the webinar trainer. For additional flexibility, a recorded version of the Standard User, Administrative User, and Combined Standard/Administrative User trainings are available for viewing at any time that is convenient.

Health care practices are encouraged to have staff that will be routinely utilizing NYSIIS participate in either a live or recorded webinar. Multiple registrants from organizations are acceptable.


  • The following training sessions are available:
    • Standard User Training – approx. 2.5 hours (available in live or recorded sessions)
    • Combined Standard/Administrative User Training – approx. 3 hours (available in live or recorded sessions)
    • Administrative User – approx. 45 minutes (recorded session only)
  • Registration required for both live and recorded webinars.
  • For live webinars a computer with internet access and an available telephone line (to dial in) are required.
  • Offices with access to space with a computer and conference phone could have multiple staff participate using a single connection.
  • For recorded webinars only a computer with internet and speakers or headphones are required.
  • Recorded webinar sessions can be viewed at any time.

Access: See below for information regarding the webinar training schedule and registration.

Onsite Training or Organization-Specific Webinars:

This option provides training specifically for your organization with our NYSIIS trainer, either in person at your organization's office or via live webinar. Training will be coordinated between your organization and our trainer to provide training at a time that is convenient for your staff.

Onsite Training Requirements:

In order to have NYSIIS training at your office you must complete the NYSIIS Onsite Training Checklist to determine if your facility has the necessary requirements to conduct training effectively. Some key requirements are:

  • Internet Service (preferably wireless access)
  • If you have firewall restrictions, you may need to provide a laptop for the trainer to use.
  • A private area for the trainer to demonstrate the NYSIIS application to your staff.

* Keep in mind a complete NYSIIS training takes between 2 ½ to 3 hours.

Organization-Specific Webinar

This type of webinar will be set up specifically for your organization's staff to attend and is separate from our regular webinar schedule. Once a date and time is coordinated with the trainer you will receive a webinar invitation. Each staff member that will attend the webinar must complete the webinar registration. All reference materials will be sent to you either via email or hardcopy after training.

4. Training Schedule and Registration

Registration is required only for webinar trainings. Users should obtain an HCS accounts prior to training, which may take up to 2 weeks. You may register for training while your HCS account request is pending. Please indicate "Pending" in the HCS ID field on the registration form.

  • Webinar Registration – Registration for live and recorded webinars is available online at Open "Training Center".
  • To register for a live webinar, click on the tab labeled "Upcoming." In the search box above the listed webinars type in "nysiis" to filter on all available NYSIIS training webinars. From this list, select a training session and click on the registration icon to the far right.
  • For recorded webinars select "Recorded Sessions" on the left side of your screen under "Attend a Session". In the search box type in "nysiis" to filter on all available NYSIIS training webinars. Select the appropriate training topic and press "View". Once you complete the registration form the webinar will begin.

5. Pre and Post Training Checklist

The following list is provided to assist you with tracking the activities to be completed before and after training.

Before NYSIIS Training

  • Ensure all staff have their own HCS Account.
  • Verify HCS Account is active by successfully logging into the HCS home page at:
  • Assign NYSIIS user roles for your office:
    • Administrative User
    • Standard User
  • Designate staff to attend interactive training.
  • Complete appropriate online registration for interactive training.

After NYSIIS Training

  • Complete NYSIIS User Agreement for each staff member accessing NYSIIS
  • NYSIIS Administrative User adds all other NYSIIS users to the system.
  • Training participant disseminates NYSIIS information and provides training for other office staff.
  • Begin reporting to NYSIIS.
  • Begin distributing NYSIIS parental notification when immunizations are administered.

6. Where to Get Additional Information

For more details on the legislation and NYSIIS, please visit our website:

We are very appreciative of your support as we implement this important public health initiative. Your participation is invaluable to the project's success. You may also contact NYSIIS staff at (518) 473-2839 or email with additional questions.


Loretta A. Santilli, M.P.H.
NYSIIS Program Manager
Bureau of Immunization


  • NYSIIS Webinar Schedule: January – March 2012