Health Care Provider Influenza Immunization Toolkit

Making sure health care personnel (HCP) receive annual influenza vaccinations will protect your staff and patients. HCP influenza vaccination coverage last year was about 85% in NYS healthcare facilities and agencies (about 72% nationally). Influenza vaccination of HCP has been proven to lead to:

  • reductions in HCP illness.
    • HCP who receive influenza vaccine report approximately 30% fewer influenza-like illnesses and use 30-50% fewer sick days.
  • reductions in health care-acquired influenza.
    • Up to 25% of HCP contract influenza each season.
    • HCP can transmit influenza to their patients even before they know they are sick. All individuals infected with influenza are contagious for at least one day before symptoms develop.
  • improved patient outcomes.
    • Residents in nursing homes with high HCP vaccination levels have greater than 40% reduction in overall mortality.

The New York State Department of Health has compiled this toolkit of resources to help HCP to implement effective influenza immunization programs for their staff. This toolkit contains information to help you explain the solid science on the importance of vaccinating HCP against influenza. It also contains tools to assist in ordering, storing, and administering influenza vaccines for staff as well as your adult patients.

Table of Contents

Healthcare Personnel (HCP) Influenza Vaccination Campaign Timeline

Reviewing the Evidence

Vaccine Ordering, Storage, and Handling

Vaccine Administration

Vaccine Documentation

Influenza Educational Materials for Health Care Personnel

Additional Resources