Next Steps

The goals, objectives and strategies outlined within the statewide strategic plan will be used to guide the actions needed to implement the plan. Steering committee, leadership team, planning group and current stakeholder participation will be expanded by inviting others into partnership. Partners coming together to prevent and reduce overweight and obesity among New Yorkers will need to select and prioritize the goals and objectives that they will address. Long-term community health improvement changes will be pursued through building and sustaining collaborative partnerships at the state, regional and local levels.

The New York State Department of Health will continue to use Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Cooperative Agreement funding for the State Nutrition and Physical Activity Program to Prevent Obesity and Related Chronic Diseases, the socio-ecological approach and their partnerships to achieve long-term plan goals. Work will continue to identify and secure additional resources needed to produce systemic and programmatic changes that will help New Yorkers make healthy choices easy choices.

Continued vigilance of the public health threat that overweight and obesity presents is needed. To accomplish this, ongoing process and outcome evaluation will be conducted to ascertain the degree to which desired health outcomes are being met and to determine whether or not continued resources and efforts toward selected strategies are producing the expected yield. Policy and environmental changes identified as improving or having the promise of improving the public health condition will continue to be considered for implementation.