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StatShots are colorful one-page reports that contain useful and easy to understand NYS-specific data and statistics on relevant tobacco control topics.

2014 - Volume 7, Number 1

  1. Trends in Current Tobacco Product Use among High School Students in New York State (PDF, 189KB)

2013 - Volume 6, Numbers 1 through 10

  1. Adult Perception of the Importance of Tobacco Use as a Health Problem (PDF, 36KB)
  2. Trends in Smoking Prevalence among New York Youth (PDF, 158KB)
  3. Trends in Established High School Smoking in New York (PDF, 62KB)
  4. Use of Tobacco Products Other than Cigarettes among High School Students (PDF, 64KB)
  5. More Non-Smokers than Smokers Favor Graphic Warning Labels on Cigarette Packs (PDF, 61KB)
  6. Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual New Yorkers Smoke at much Higher Rates than Heterosexual Adults (PDF, 158KB)
  7. Compliance with the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA), 2003-2013 (PDF, 336KB)
  8. Public support for New York's Comprehensive Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) (PDF, 356KB)
  9. Hospital Admissions for Acute Myocardial Infarction in New York State Decline after Implementation of Comprehensive Smoking Law (PDF, 349KB)
  10. Public Support for Tobacco Control Policies at the Point of Sale is Increasing (PDF, 322KB)
  11. Paid media campaigns are associated with cigarette consumption and cessation behaviors among adult smokers in New York (PDF, 172KB)

2012 - Volume 5, Numbers 1 through 9

  1. "Power Wall" Display of Tobacco Products by New York State Licensed Tobacco Retailers (PDF, 81KB)
  2. Adults in New York Who Report Poor Mental Health Are Twice as Likely to Smoke Cigarettes (PDF, 64KB)
  3. Use of any Tobacco Products among High School Students on a Downward Trend (PDF, 70KB)
  4. Trends in Adult Use of Smokeless Tobacco and Cigars in New York (PDF, 133KB.)
  5. Support for Eliminating Smoking in Public Places such as Parks and Beaches Remains Steady (PDF, 124KB)
  6. Survey Method Changes Indicate 18.1% (2.7 Million) of New Yorkers Smoke Cigarettes (PDF, 155KB)
  7. Investing in Evidence-based Health Communication Strategies Increases Smokers' Quit Attempts (PDF, 160KB)
  8. Smokers Who Have Seen Cessation Advertisements are More Likely to Make Quit Attempts (PDF, 135KB)
  9. No Change in Smoking Rates Among Adults in New York with Medicare (PDF, 73KB)

2011 - Volume 4, Numbers 1 through 11

  1. Smoking Among New York High School Students Continues to Decline (PDF, 74KB)
  2. Established Youth Smokers in New York Prefer the Same Brands of Cigarettes as Adult Smokers (PDF, 68KB)
  3. Changing Preference for Cigarette Brands among Youth Smokers in New York (PDF, 75KB)
  4. Percentage of Established High School Smokers Declines in New York (PDF, 60KB)
  5. New York Middle School Students in Every Grade Show Significant Declines in Cigarette Smoking (PDF, 53KB)
  6. New York High School Students in Every Grade Show Significant Declines in Cigarette Smoking (PDF, 70KB)
  7. More Medicaid Enrollees in New York Access Cessation Benefits between 2000 and 2010: Smoking Declines (PDF, 85KB)
  8. Major Reasons Given by Smokers Attempting to Quit (PDF, 286KB)
  9. More Health Care Organizations Have Systems in Place for Tobacco Use Identification and Treatment (PDF, 31KB)
  10. Smoking Rates among Adults with Diabetes in New York is Static (PDF, 91KB)
  11. Smoking Prevalence Declines in New York Overall but Disparities Exist among Different Socio-Demographic Groups (PDF, 66KB)

2010 - Volume 3, Numbers 1 through 12

  1. Smokers in New York are More Likely to Make Quit Attempts Compared with the U.S. (PDF, 65KB)
  2. More Adult Smokers in New York Living with Children are Maintaining Smoke-free Homes (PDF, 68KB)
  3. Update – Attitudes of Smokers and Non-Smokers Towards Tobacco Advertising in Stores has Plateaued (PDF, 64KB)
  4. Confirmed Awareness of Tobacco Control Television Ads Closely Parallels Expenditures (PDF, 43KB)
  5. More New York Adults Report Being Exposed to Tobacco Ads in Stores (PDF, 69KB)
  6. Trends in the Use of Smokeless and Cigar-related Tobacco Products in New York (PDF, 40KB)
  7. More New York Health Care Providers Assist Smokers Who Want to Quit (PDF, 42KB)
  8. New York Smokers' Intentions to Quit (PDF, 42KB)
  9. Youth Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Declines in New York (PDF, 45KB)
  10. Importance of Tobacco Use as a Health Problem in New York (PDF, 45KB)
  11. New Yorkers Favor Graphic Warning Labels on Cigarette Packs (PDF, 44KB)
  12. Fewer Students in New York are Smoking Cigarettes on School Property While Use of Smokeless Tobacco Remains Level (PDF, 62KB)

2009 - Volume 2, Numbers 1 through 12

  1. Callers to the NYS Smokers' Quitline are Different From Those Who Use the QuitSite On-line (PDF, 34KB)
  2. More New Yorkers Agree That Movies Rated G, PG, and PG-13 Should Not Show Actors Smoking (PDF, 34KB)
  3. Youth Smoking in NYS Declines with No Increase in Use of Alcohol or Marijuana (PDF, 35KB)
  4. Fewer New York Teens Are Experimenting With Cigarettes: A Promising Outcome (PDF, 33KB)
  5. New Yorkers Living in Multi-Unit Dwellings Are Commonly Exposed to Secondhand Smoke (PDF, 42KB)
  6. More Than Half of New York Adults Support Banning Smoking in Parks and on Beaches (PDF, 49KB)
  7. Health Care Providers are Increasingly Aware of The NYS Smokers' Quitline and Its Services (PDF, 33KB)
  8. Student Smoking on School Property in New York (PDF, 33KB)
  9. Adult Smoking on School Property in New York (PDF, 33KB)
  10. Cigarette Smoking in New York State Reaches Historic Lows (PDF, 35KB)
  11. Smoking Rates among Adults in New York with Private Health Insurance, Medicaid or No Health Insurance Have Significantly Decreased (PDF, 35KB)
  12. Average Number of Cigarettes Smoked per Day by Smokers in New York is Steadily Decreasing (PDF, 35KB)

2008 - Volume 1, Numbers 1 through 10

  1. Fewer Students Are Using Tobacco Products On School Property (PDF, 35KB)
  2. 10th, 11th & 12th Grade Students Show Significant Declines in Cigarette Smoking (PDF, 44KB)
  3. Smoking among Adults in New York State Remains Under 19% (PDF, 36KB)
  4. More Smokers are Making Quit Attempts Each Year (PDF, 33KB)
  5. Smoking Among New York High School Students Continues to Decline Faster than the Nation (PDF, 36KB)
  6. More Smokers Report Health Care Providers are Supporting Their Quit Attempts (PDF, 36KB)
  7. More Medicaid Recipients Access Cessation Benefits Between 2000 and 2008 (PDF, 26KB)
  8. Awareness of Program Countermarketing Campaign Has Increased (PDF, 35KB)
  9. Children in the Household are a Strong Motivator for Smokers to Quit (PDF, 34KB)
  10. More Smokers and Non-Smokers Believe Tobacco Advertising In Stores Should Not Be Allowed (PDF, 34KB)