National Standards

Transitioning to the National Educational Standards

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Emergency Medical Services Bureau Staff

  • Lee Burns, Director
  • Rhonda Crispo, Secretary I

Education and Certification Services

  • Andrew Johnson, Deputy Director
  • Gene Myers, Senior EMC Representative
  • Jean Taylor, Senior EMC Representative
  • Robert Valenty, Senior EMC Representative
  • Karen Vogler, Certification/CME Clerk
  • Elizabeth Donnelly, Senior EMC Representative
  • Theresa Allen, Keyboard Specialist 1

Operations and Emergency Preparedness

  • Daniel Clayton, Deputy Director
  • Joseph Farrell, Senior EMC Representative
  • Dana Jonas, Senior EMC Representative
  • Mary Ramo, Senior EMC Representative
  • Kathleen Shaw, Senior EMC Representative
  • Richard Brandt, Senior EMC Representative

Complaints and Investigations

  • Thomas Fortune, Deputy Director
  • Richard Brandt, Senior EMC Representative
  • Gayle Briggs, Program Aide

Administration and Information Technologies

  • Thomas Behanna, Deputy Director
  • Lisa DeLong, EMS Contract Manager
  • Frances Lopez, Voucher Clerk

Informatics, Data, and PCRs

  • Mike Tayler, Health Systems Specialist 3 (EMC)
  • Steven Sonder, Program Research Specialist III

Trauma Program

  • Linda Tripoli, RN, Trauma Program Manager

EMS for Children Program

  • Martha Gohlke, Health Program Administrator I

State EMS Conference

  • Donna Johnson, CMP, CMM, Conference Coordinator
  • Valerie Ozga, Exhibit Coordinator

State EMS Council and Advisory Committee

  • State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee
  • Donna Johnson, CMP, CMM, Executive Secretary
Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
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875 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12206-1388
(518) 402-0996
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