Out of State Hospital Disposition Codes

American Hospitals

State Hospital Name Disposition Code Permanent Facility Identifier (PFI)
Connecticut Hospital Unspecified 830 CT09
Connecticut CT Medical Center 831 CT01
Connecticut Stamford Hospital 832 CT02
Connecticut Danbury Hospital 833 CT03
Connecticut Norwalk Hospital 834 Ct04
Connecticut Greenwich Hospital 835 CT05
Connecticut Sharon Hospital 836 CT06
Massachusetts Hospital Unspecified 840 MA09
Massachusetts Bay State Med Ctr 841 MA01
New Jersey Hospital Unspecified 850 NJ09
New Jersey Medical Univ. of Newark 851 NJ01
Pennsylvania Hospital Unspecified 860 PA09
Pennsylvania Robert Packer Hospital 861 PA01
Pennsylvania Hamot Hospital 862 PA02
Pennsylvania St. Vincent's Hospital 863 PA03
Vermont Hospital Unspecified 870 VT09
Vermont Univ. of Vermont M.C. 871 VT01
Vermont SW Vermont Med Ctr 872 VT02
Vermont Fletcher Allen Healthcare/Burlington 873 VT03
Vermont Porter Medical Center/Middlebury 874 VT04

Canadian Hospitals

Province Hospital Name Disposition Code Permanent Facility Identifier (PFI)
Ontario, Canada Hospital Unspecified 880 OC09
Quebec, Canada Hospital Unspecified 890 QC09

PCR Location Codes

State Location Code
Connecticut 8809
Massachusetts 8825
New Jersey 8834
Pennsylvania 8842
Vermont 8850

Please note that the PCR location code for Canada is 8888.