Paramedic Curriculum

A CD-ROM version of the EMT-Paramedic Curriculum is available for purchase. If interested, please contact the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) at (703) 605-6186 and ask for #AVA20646CDRM. There will be a $30.00 charge plus shipping. A hardcopy version will also soon be available from NTIS. To order that version, please call (703) 605-6000 or fax your request to (703) 605-6900.

The EMT-Paramedic Curriculum is available in compressed (zip) WordPerfect format and also as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Click here for help with PDF files. Please be aware that some of these files may be very large.

Compressed Zip File Format:

Adobe Portable Document Format:

  1. Preparatory
    1. EMS Systems/Roles and Responsibilities (47KB)
    2. The Well-Being of the Paramedic (34KB)
    3. Illness and Injury Prevention (20KB)
    4. Medical/ Legal Issues (35KB)
    5. Ethics (11KB)
    6. General Principles of Pathophysiology (63KB)
    7. Pharmacology (46KB)
    8. Venous Access and Medication Administration (27KB)
    9. Therapeutic Communications (27KB)
    10. Life Span Development (42KB)
  2. Airway: Airway Management and Ventilation (126KB)
  3. Patient Assessment
    1. History Taking (18KB)
    2. Techniques of Physical Examination (66KB)
    3. Patient Assessment (29KB)
    4. Clinical Decision Making (14KB)
    5. Communications (21KB)
    6. Documentation (17KB)
  4. Trauma
    1. Trauma Systems and Mechanism of Injury (45KB)
    2. Hemorrhage and Shock (35KB)
    3. Soft Tissue Trauma (58KB)
    4. Burns (37KB)
    5. Head and Facial Trauma (58KB)
    6. Spinal Trauma (66KB)
    7. Thoracic Trauma (61KB)
    8. Abdominal Trauma (32KB)
    9. Musculoskeletal Trauma (46KB)
  5. Medical
    1. Pulmonary (65KB)
    2. Cardiology (105KB)
    3. Neurology (54KB)
    4. Endocrinology (38KB)
    5. Allergies and Anaphylaxis (12KB)
    6. Gastroenterology (61KB)
    7. Renal/Urology (25KB)
    8. Toxicology (44KB)
    9. Hematology (37KB)
    10. Environmental Conditions (56KB)
    11. Infectious and Communicable Diseases (135KB)
    12. Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders (24KB)
    13. Gynecology (30KB)
    14. Obstetrics (52KB)
  6. Special Considerations
    1. Neonatology (73KB)
    2. Pediatrics (136KB)
    3. Geriatrics (62KB)
    4. Abuse and Assault (29KB)
    5. Patients with Special Challenges (32KB)
    6. Acute Interventions for the Chronic Care Patient (30KB)
  7. Assessment Based Management (41KB)
  8. Operations
    1. Ambulance Operations (10KB)
    2. Medical Incident Command (31KB)
    3. Rescue Awareness and Operations (58KB)
    4. Hazardous Materials Incidents (41KB)
    5. Crime Scene Awareness (31KB)
  9. Clinical Rotations (8KB)