Defibrillators and Epinephrine Requirements

Bureau of EMS Policy Statement
Policy Statement # 10-01
Date January 4, 2010
Subject Re: Defibrillators and Epinephrine Requirements
Supercedes/Updates New

At their December 2009 meetings, the New York State Emergency Medical Services Council (SEMSCO) and the State Medical Advisory Committee (SEMAC) voted to amend Title 10 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations - Part 800 to require that all patients transported by EMS in the State of New York, have access to certain life saving equipment. The amendment will require that all in service ambulances be equipped with defibrillators and epinephrine.

During the regulatory approval process, the SEMSCO and SEMAC are strongly encouraging all ambulance agencies to comply with the following:

  1. All in-service transporting ambulances must have the ability to defibrillate patients of all age groups.

    This requirement may be met with either an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) or through Advanced Life Support (ALS) treatment modalities, manual defibrillation.

  2. 2. Epinephrine auto-injectors must be on all in-service transporting ambulances that do not already have the ability to administer epinephrine through ALS modalities at the time of interaction with the patient.

    This requirement is for adult and pediatric patients. It may be met by stocking both adult and pediatric epinephrine auto-injectors that are carried on the ambulance or through the use of ALS modalities that are already in-place on the ambulance. The storage and safe guarding must be maintained in compliance with BEMS policy statement 09-11 Re: "Storage and safe guarding of medications administered by the EMT-Bs".

    Every agency that utilizes auto injectors must be in compliance with policy statement 00-01 Use of Epinephrine Auto Injectors by EMS Agencies.

This policy for providing defibrillation and epinephrine administration capabilities will take effect on May 1, 2010. However, all EMS agencies are encouraged to implement this policy prior to May 1, 2010. The intent of this policy statement is to promote rapid initiation of defibrillation and epinephrine to those patients who are in need of these life saving modalities.