EMS Vehicle Signing & Labeling

Bureau of EMS Policy Statement
Policy Statement #98-08
SubjectEMS Vehicle Signing & Labeling

The purpose of this policy is to provide definition to the requirements of section 800.21.e of Part 800 which specifies that the name of the ambulance service be displayed in at least three inch letters on three sides of each emergency response vehicle.


When originally written, this provision was intended to clearly identify the DOH license holder operating the vehicle and required only that the name of the service be displayed in at least three inch letters. Recently, for contract, marketing and other reasons, services want to place the names and logos of organizations other than the licensed service on vehicles as part of the signing or labeling displayed.


  • It is the intention of the Department to protect the public's right to easily identify the licensed provider of an EMS service.
  • The name (or d.b.a.) of the licensed entity as it appears on the DOH Ambulance Service Certificate must be displayed predominately, larger than any other name, in letters greater than three inches and in a manner that does not confuse the identity of the actual licensed operator.
  • Any other name displayed (hospital, industrial corporation, etc.) must be smaller in size (letters less than three inches) and secondary in relationship to the name of the licensee.
  • The statement 'Operated for' may be used, as appropriate, to indicate a relationship to the second entity.
  • Any labeling design which includes a second name is subject to the approval of the Department. Services are requested to submit actual or conceptual designs to the Bureau of EMS for prior approval.

Contractual Identification

This labeling policy does not apply to a service operating outside of its primary operating territory, such as operating a service for a municipality under the provisions of PHL 3008.7a. In these cases all operations are the responsibility of the licensed entity and since the service is operated by the municipality, all vehicles must bear the name of the entity. The specifics of any such arrangement should be discussed with the Department prior to implementation.

Marking Levels of Care

If a vehicle is marked with 'advanced life support', 'paramedics' or any similar identification, the service operator must insure that personnel at the advanced life support or paramedic level are provided as crew to staff the vehicle any time the vehicle is in service. Staffing with any less level constitutes false advertising and is a violation of 800.2.

Issued by: John J. Clair, Associate Director - Operations

Authorized by: Edward G. Wronski, Director