Emergency Care of Persons with Hemophilia

Advisory No. 97-01

Date Approved: February 4, 1997

New York State Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services

There may be no visible signs of bleeding in a person with hemophilia but bleeding episodes may be life threatening. Above all, prompt treatment (infusion of clotting factor concentrate) is essential. For a conscious patient, follow the guidelines below:

  • Listen to the patient and family members. They are very knowledgeable about bleeding disorders.
  • Ask if the patient has his own clotting factor concentrate.
  • Allow the patient, a family member or caregiver to infuse the factor and/or bring the factor to the hospital. (If it appears transport may be delayed Medical Control should be contacted as soon as possible.)
  • Assess the patient.
  • Stabilize the patient:
    • R — Rest
    • I — Ice
    • C — Compression
    • E — Elevate
  • Make early contact with Medical Control for guidance on treatment and most appropriate destination.
  • Transport to the appropriate hospital.
    • Since factor concentrates are not stored by all hospitals in New York State, if the patient does not have factor concentrate, consult with Medical Control for hospital destination. (NOTE: The patient or family members may be able to identify the hospital with the most appropriate resources needed to best deal with a specific emergency for hemophilia patient.)

Issued by:

Mark Henry, MD
Chair, State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee

Barbara A. DeBuono, MD
Commissioner, Department of Health