Now I Can Sit With Some Help

I am growing fast! I am between 4 and 6 months old. Now that I can hold my head up and sit with support, I may be ready to try some new things.

Do not put any food in my bottle, I might choke.
Wait until I am 8 months old to give me foods with wheat in them.

As I am getting ready to try solid foods, I may begin to:

  • Sit well with your help
  • Roll over
  • Push up with my hands while I am on my tummy
  • Bring objects or toys to my mouth
  • Keep food in my mouth and swallow it

I may show interest in the food on your plate.

  • Let me sit with the family during meals. I like to play with bowls, cups and spoons.

I can try pureed meats and infant cereals if I am ready.

Getting Ready for Solid Foods:

  • If you think I am ready, try giving me a tablespoon of baby food in a small bowl. Let me hold a spoon. See if I can get the food into my mouth with my hands or the spoon.
  • Watch to see if I spit the food out. If I can not chew and swallow any food, I am not ready. Let me try again in a week.
  • I am getting ready for solid foods. Let me play and get messy. Do not worry if more food ends up on the floor than in my mouth. I am learning.
  • Wait 7 days to feed me another new food so you can watch me for food allergies.
  • Wait to offer me mixed foods until I have tried each food in the mixture.

How much I might eat each day:

Breastfeed on demand, 6 or more times a day. Breastmilk is all I need until I am about 6 months old.

If you are feeding me formula, I should have about 6-8 oz 4-6 times a day (26-39 oz a day total).

If I am ready for solid foods, start out with 1-2 tbsp of single-grain rice, oat or barley infant cereal or pureed meat per day

My appetite will grow as I grow. If I seem hungry for another meal, I can have another serving of meat or cereal or try 1-2 tbsp of pureed vegetables or fruits.

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