Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Fee Schedule

A fee of $0.25 per page for copies of documents and/or computer printout pages may be applied to your request. Public Officers Law Section 87(1)(b). Further, according to Public Officers Law Section 87(1)(c), in determining the actual cost of producing a record, an agency may include:

  • an amount equal to the hourly salary attributed to the lowest paid employee who has the necessary skill required to prepare the requested record(s), if at least two hours of agency employee time is needed to prepare a copy of the record request;
  • the actual cost of the storage devices or media provided to the person making the request in complying with such request;
  • the actual cost to the agency of engaging an outside professional service to prepare a copy of a record, but only when an agency's information technology equipment is inadequate to prepare a copy, if such service is used to prepare the copy.

A requestor will be notified of the estimated cost of preparing a copy of the record if one of the above circumstances applies.