Provider List - January 1, 2015

About HCRA Provider List

The HCRA provider list which is updated monthly is a list of New York State health care providers that offer services subject to HCRA surcharges. This list is subdivided by provider type as follows: general hospitals, hospital-based extension clinics, comprehensive diagnostic and treatment centers, diagnostic and treatment center extension clinics, diagnostic and treatment centers that provide ambulatory surgical services, and clinical laboratories. Providers are listed alphabetically within provider type. These files may be downloaded for use in data processing applications.

Please note:

It is the responsibility of the provider to assure the information displayed on these pages is accurate and up-to-date. If you have any questions regarding this information, please call the provider directly.

The HCRA provider list is posted as a courtesy and should not be deemed to be all-inclusive in determining HCRA obligations. Entities that utilize this list are encouraged to contact providers directly if they have questions.

Excel Files

Below are two additional spreadsheets. These spreadsheets combine the provider and the associated affiliates, both labs and extension clinics, in one file.

Amendments to Provider List

Amendments to the provider list are itemized on the attached list.