Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse Indicators - New York County


Indicator Data Links 3 Year Total County Rate NYS Rate Sig.Dif. NYC Rate Sig.Dif. County Ranking
Drug-related hospitalization rate per 10,000
Crude (Table) (Trend) (Map) 19,916 41.4 24.9 Yes 30.6 Yes 4th
Age-adjusted (Table) (Trend) (Map) 19,916 40.1 24.8 Yes 30.1 Yes 4th
Newborn drug-related diagnosis rate per 10,000 newborn discharges (Table) (Trend) (Map) 351 60.3 83.8 Yes 64.3 No 2nd
Alcohol related motor vehicle injuries and deaths per 100,000 (Table) (Trend) (Map) 746 15.5 33.9 Yes 17.8 Yes 1st
Age-adjusted % of adults who smoke cigarettes (2008-2009) (Table) (Map) N/A 13.8 17.0 No 15.8 No 1st
Age-adjusted % of adults living in homes where smoking is prohibited (2008-2009) (Table) (Map) N/A 79.0 80.9 No 79.6 No 2nd
Age-adjusted % of adults who binge drink (2008-2009) (Table) (Map) N/A 17.3 18.1 No 12.8 Yes 1st

N/A: Data not available

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