Using Absolute Percent Decline Method

Some Healthy People 2010 and Communities Working Together for Healthier New York objectives used an absolute percent decline based on " best guesses " and expert opinion. In this method, calculations are based on the percent of the target population reached and change expected.

Examples of goals set using 'absolute decline' method:

  • By the year 2013, reduce the prevalence of smoking in New Yorkers so that the percent of adolescents who smoked in the past month is no more than 10.0%.** (Baseline: 16.3%, New York State Youth Tobacco Survey, 2006). Source: Prevention Agenda Toward the Healthiest State.
  • Nationally, reduce deaths from work-related injuries by 29 percent. (1998 baseline: All industry - 4.5) Source: Healthy People 2010

- Adapted from Healthy People 2010 Toolkit