Worksheet 1 on goals and objectives

Even the most competent program manager can become confused about goals and objectives. Furthermore, there are at least three types of objectives: process objectives, impact objectives and outcome objectives. These terms are used so frequently in everyday language and are often used interchangeably. It is important in program development and evaluation that we establish what is meant by these terms to reduce confusion. The worksheet below help you practice differentiating between goals and objectives. Also available are several questions to considering when identifying goals and objectives

Goals & Objectives Worksheet (A)

On this worksheet, developed by Charles Izzo, Ph.D., Cornell University for the "Building on Community Health Assessment Workshop", you are presented with a series of statements. For each statement, please indicate whether it is a Goal, an Outcome Objective, an Impact Objective, or a Process Objective. Please note: some statements are hypothetical examples created for this exercise, while others are derived from Healthy People 2010 objectives.

The following statements pertain to Sedentary Lifestyle.

1. Increase the number of people engaging in regular physical activity.
2. By 2003, representatives from 20% of all major local employers will have attended the DOH seminar on "Promoting the Healthy Workplace."
3. By 2005, there will be a 10% increase in the proportion of worksites offering employer-sponsored physical activity and fitness programs.
4. By 2003, the "Inter-agency Workgroup to Promote Physical Activity" will have met atleast 5 times.
5. By 2010, there will be a 20% increase in number of adults reporting at least six hours of exercise or other strenous activity (elevate heart rate).
6. By 2004, there will be a 10% increase in the proportion of health insurance providers will offer reduced premium rates to employers who have program promoting exercise at work.

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