Appendix A - Universal Data Set (UDS) Elements Collected by SPARCS in 1997

Accident Related Code
Accident Related Date
Accommodations Days
Accommodations Rate
Accommodations Total Charges
Accommodations Total Non-Covered Charges
Admission Date
Admission Hour
Admitting Diagnosis Code
After Anesthesia Indicator 1-14
Alternate Level of Care Days
Ancillary Revenue Code
Ancillary Total Charges
Ancillary Total Non-Covered Charges
Attending Physician State License Number
Blood Furnished Code and Amount
Covered Days
Date Alternate Care Required
Discharge Date
Discharge Hour
Do Not Resuscitate Indicator (DNR)
DRG Number Billed
Exempt Unit Indicator
Expected Principal Reimbursement
Expected Reimbursement Other 1
Expected Reimbursement Other 2
External Cause-of-Injury Code
Leave of Absence Days
Medical Record Number
Method of Anesthesia Used
Mother's Medical Record Number for Newborn Child
Neonate Birth Weight
New York State Patient Status or Disposition
Non-Covered Days
Operating Physician State License Number
Other Diagnosis Code 1-14
Other Diagnosis Emergent Indicator, Onset 1-14
Other Physician State License Number
Other Procedure Code 1-14
Other Procedure Date 1-14
Patient Birthdate
Patient Control Number
Patient Residence Address - Address Line 1
Patient Residence Address - Address Line 2
Patient Sex
Patient's City
Patient's County Code
Patient's Ethnicity
Patient's Postal Service Zip Code/Extension Code
Patient's Race
Patient's State
Payer Identification
Place-of-Injury Code
Placement of Bed Indicator
Policy Number
Prehospital Care Report Number
Principal Diagnosis Code
Principal Procedure Code
Principal Procedure Date
Procedure Coding Method
Provider Identification Number
Source of Admission
Source of Payment Code
SPARCS Accommodation Code
SPARCS Collector Code
SPARCS Identification Number
Special Program (DIS)
Special Program (FP)
Special Program (PHC)
Special Program (SFP)
Statement Covers Period - From Date
Statement Covers Period - Thru Date
Surplus, Catast., or Rec. Monthly Inc. Code/Amt
Total Accommodations Charges
Total Accommodations Non-Covered Charges
Total Acute Certified Days
Total Ancillary Charges
Total Ancillary Non-Covered Charges
Total Charges
Total Leave of Absence Days
Total Non-Covered Charges
Transaction Code
Type of Admission
Type of Alternate Care Required
Type of Bill
Unique Personal Identifier
Unscheduled/Scheduled Admission
Workers' Compensation/No Fault Indicator/Amt