SPARCS Data and Report System

Accessing the Health Commerce System (HCS)

Uploading Data File

  • Under My Applications - Select SPARCS Data Submission

  • If you submit data for more than one facility, select the hospital you are submitting data for from the scroll down menu and click Apply. If you submit for only one facility, you will automatically go to the next screen.

  • Select a SPARCS data file for upload by either entering the path, filename, and extension OR by clicking Browse... to locate the file.

  • Click Start Upload.

  • After you start the upload, a message will appear "Processing Data File..." followed by a brief status report indicating whether or not the file was successfully uploaded.

    PLEASE NOTE: Only if you have indicated "production" in the file, as explained in the documentation, will your file be processed as production data. Otherwise, your file will be processed as test. Your confirmation message will verify how the file will be processed.

  • Your data file will be moved to our mainframe system for processing. The resulting edit report and error files, if any, will be available in the Submission Results selection. Please note that this process may take several hours.