Getting Access to the HCS for SPARCS

The Health Commerce System (HCS) provides an efficient and secure data transmission option using the powerful Internet Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. This secure Website can be used to request data and reports, and transmit X12-837 formatted claims to SPARCS (for YOUR facility ONLY). For specific edit and coding information please refer to the SPARCS X12-837 Input Data Specifications 2011 (PDF, 3,492KB, 272pg.)

HCS security requires you to use a browser with U.S.A. 128 bit encryption to view HCS content. Currently, HCS supports Firefox® Version 4.0, and Internet Explorer® Version 7. It includes links to troubleshooting web pages to help you with Adobe Acrobat Reader® and Windows® problems.

Download Recommended Browsers Below:

The Health Commerce System (HCS) is maintained by the New York State Department of Health's Bureau of HEALTHCOM Network Systems Management. It protects the confidentiality of data by requiring that each organization adheres to the New York State Department of Health's data security standards.

Facility personnel can obtain access to the HCS through the HCS Coordinator at their facility. If they do not know who the HCS Coordinator is, they can contact the Department of Health Helpline (800-638-3808) or the SPARCS Administrative Unit via e-mail ( or by phone (518-473-8144).