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Appendix T-AIDS/HIV Record Editing

All records are subject to AIDS/HIV field review as listed below, resulting in the AIDS/HIV Flag, Inpatient Data Element Number 138 and Outpatient Data Element Number 105, being set (Y = present, N = not present) for each record. Data releases are dependent upon the value of this flag and whether any identifying or restricted data fields are also present on these records (see Appendix Z Identifying and Restricted data fields).

The AIDS/HIV edits outlined below are to be used on ALL released files

All released records containing any identifying/restricted fields and any of the following AIDS/HIV indicator fields, must be edited to blank out the identifying components of the record.

AIDS/HIV Indicator Fields:  

  • Admit, Principal or any secondary diagnosis of 042, 043, 044, 7958, 27910, 27919, 2793, 1363, 79571, 07951, 07952, 07953, V017 or V08.

  • ANY DRG field containing:  
    • NY DRG - 700 thru 716
    • FED DRG - This edit applies to all DRGs (Current, Prior and New).
      • The new DRG range for Federal DRG Grouper Version 25 or greater (969, 970, 974, 975, 976 or 977) will be used for the following DRG/Year combos:
        2007 New Federal DRG
        2008 Current and New Federal DRG
        2009+All Federal DRGs
      • All other Federal DRG edits will use the old DRG range (488-490)

  • Exempt Unit Indicator field containing: 'XYZ'

AIDS/HIV Record Edits:  

  • All identifying fields are blanked/zeroed out leaving all other data fields including all diagnosis and DRG fields intact.

  • All exact dates must be modified to give year and month only.

  • Birth weights are truncated (rounded down to the nearest 100 grams).
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