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Appendix Z-Identifying and Restricted Data

Identifying data is any information which could possibly be used to identify an individual from their patient record. Release of this type of information requires DPRB approval and is further restricted to those records not containing any indication of AIDS/HIV (See Appendix T AIDS/HIV Record Editing). Approved identifying data fields on records containing an indication of AIDS/HIV can only be released if the Data Protection Review Board (DPRB) specifically approves the release of AIDS/HIV related identifying fields. Restricted data is any information which is normally non-identifying but cannot be released when certain other fields are present (See Appendix T AIDS/HIV Record Editing and Appendix TT Abortion Record Editing).


Identifying Fields - require AIDS/HIV edits
Patient Control Number
Medical Record Number
Day only of Admission Date/Start of Care*
Day only of Discharge Date/Ambulatory Surgery Service Date*
Day only of Patient Birth Date*
Day only of Statement Covers Period From Date*
Day only of Statement Covers Period Through Date*
Day only of Date Alternate Care Required*
Mother's Medical Record Number for Newborn Child
Pre-hospital Care Report Number
Patient Address Line 1
Patient Address Line 2
Patient Zip Code Extension
Policy Number (all occurrences)
Day only of Accident Related Date*
Day only of Principal Procedure Date*
Day only of Other Procedure Date (all occurrences)*
Unique Personal Identifier
Social Security Number **
Patient Name **
Patient Room Number**
Medicaid Number of Patient**
Medicare Number of Patient**
Day only of All other date fields (except full Date Processed is non-identifying data field)*

Restricted Fields
Neonate Birth Weight#
All Physician ID Numbers##

* Only the day of any date is identifying field
** These fields are only on the Nursing Home (PRI) file records
# Birth weight rounded down to neares 100g on all AIDS/HIV records. See 'AIDS/HIV Record Editing'
## Only restricted for those records with an abortion diagnosis or procedure code present. See 'Abortion Record Editing'

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