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Data Element Name:  Medical Record Number File Location:  Master
SPARCS Data Element Number:  4
Record Positions:  28 - 44 Format-Length:  A/N - 17
Effective Date:  1/1/1994 Revision Date:  June 1997
Deniable Data Element:   Yes - See Appendix Z for release restrictions.


The number used by the Medical Records Department to identify the patient's permanent medical/health record file. This number is not the same as the Patient Control Number (Data Element 03).

Codes and Values:
  1. Must have been left justified with no embedded blanks and space filled.

  2. Must not have equaled zero or blanks.

  3. Must have contained numeric (0-9) and/or alphabetic (A-Z) characters only. Special characters were invalid.
Edit Applications:
  1. Must have been a valid entry.

Conversion Notes:

Master File - For data years prior to 1994, the DDA Medical Record Number was used to populate this field. Leading zeros were dropped from the Medical Record Number at time of submission.

Incomplete File (1982-1993) - A mnemonic is inserted in position 11 thru 16 of this field (record positions 38-43) to indicate the source of the data. Embedded spaces between the original Medical Record Number and the mnemonic were replaced with X's.

Mnemonic              Description
DDAUNM An unmatched DDA
MATMIS A matched DDA and final bill UBF, yet missing some interim data
UBFALL An unmatched UBF, either whole case or a final bill UBF with all its interim parts
UBFMIS An unmatched UBF, missing part of the case (the final bill or interim parts)