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Data Element Name:  Newborn Flag File Location:   Master, De-Identified, De-Identified Abbreviated
SPARCS Data Element Number:  131
Record Positions:  2023 - 2023 Format-Length:  N - 1
Effective Date:  5/1/2005 Revision Date:  September 2005
Deniable Data Element:  No


A flag to indicate the patient's newborn status as determined by the first 5 characters of the Principal/Primary Diagnosis Code (Data Element 68) content having any of the listed codes.

     1  =  'V300', 'V301', 'V3000' OR 'V3001'

     2  =  'V310', 'V311', 'V320', 'V321', 'V330', 'V331', 'V340', 'V341', 'V350', 'V351', 'V360', 'V361', 'V370', 'V371', 'V3100', 'V3101', 'V3200', 'V3201', 'V3300', 'V3301', 'V3400', 'V3401', 'V3500', 'V3501', 'V3600', 'V3601', 'V3700' or 'V3701'

Codes and Values:
  1. 0 = not a newborn
    1 = newborn
    2 = one of multiple newborns

Edit Applications:

This is a derived field.