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Data Element Name:  Discharge Number Information Group File Location:  Master, De-Identified
SPARCS Data Element Number:  136-137
Record Positions:  2160 - 2171 Format-Length:  N - 12
Effective Date:  5/1/2005 Revision Date:  September 2005
Deniable Data Element:  No


Discharge number is a unique number which includes the discharge year and a sequentially assigned number that associates all records for a single discharge. Multiple records can occur for a discharge when there is more ancillary, accommodation or non-acute care information than will fit on 1 record. Discharge number is only valid for the specific year of the file and cannot be used to link records from any other year or file. See Appendix ZZ Multiple Record Discharges.

Codes and Values:

This is a derived field.

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This is a derived field.