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Data Element Name:  Type of Alternate Care Required File Location:   Master, De-Identified, De-Identified Abbreviated
SPARCS Data Element Number:  18
Record Positions:  96 - 96 Format-Length:  A/N - 1
Effective Date:  1/1/1994 - 1/1/1999 Revision Date:  January 1999
Deniable Data Element:  No


The code which specifies the type of alternate care required for a patient determined to need a level of care other than acute during their hospitalization.

If a determination was made as to the type of care required but the patient's condition changed necessitating a different type of alternate care, the first determined type of alternate care required is entered.

Codes and Values:
  1. "1" = Residential Health Care Facility
    "2" = Medically Related Home Care Services
    "3" = Domiciliary Care
    "4" = Other Institution
    "5" = Home Health Service

  2. If this field was not coded it contains blanks.
Edit Applications:
  1. If Type of Alternate Care was entered, Date Alternate Care Required (Data Element 19) and Total Alternate Level of Care Days (Data Element 20) were also reported.

Conversion Notes:

DDA alternate care code of '2' (Health Related Facility) was mapped to a UDS alternate care code of '1', otherwise the DDA alternate care type was used.

See Conversion Notes for Data Element 115 for explicit code conversion information.