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Data Element Name:  Policy Number File Location:  Master
SPARCS Data Element Number:  39
Record Positions:   See Group Definition Format-Length:  A/N - 19
Effective Date:  1/1/1994 Revision Date:               
Deniable Data Element:   Yes - See Appendix Z for release restrictions.


The unique identification number assigned by the payer associated with this sequence to identify the patient.

Codes and Values:

     1.   Payer         Type of Number
  Blue Cross Information depending on Plan information needs and specific contract requirements.

  Commercial Insurers If group, insured ID number from claim form or ID card was used. If not available, insured SSN was used. If an individual insurance contract was involved, policy number was used.

  Medicaid Medicaid Identification number of the insured or case head Medicaid number shown on the Medicaid Identification card.

  Medicare The patient's Medicare HIC number as shown on the Health Insurance Card, Certificate of Award, Utilization Notice, Temporary Eligibility Notice, Hospital Transfer Form, or as reported by the Social Security Office.

  CHAMPUS Information depending on CHAMPUS regulations.


  Must have been left justified and space filled.
     3.   If this field was not applicable it must have contained blanks.

Edit Applications:
  1. If the Source of Payment (Data Element 38) was Medicare ("C"), Medicaid ("D"), Commercial Insurance ("F"), or Blue Cross ("G"), the Policy Number was required.