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Data Element Name:  Accommodations Rate File Location:  Master, De-Identified
SPARCS Data Element Number:  60
Record Positions:   See Group Definition Format-Length:  N - 9
Effective Date:  1/1/1994 Revision Date:          
Deniable Data Element:  No


The rate charged per day for a specific accommodation.

Codes and Values:
  1. Must have been right justified and zero filled.

  2. The amount must have been entered in dollars and cents. This amount was defined with TWO implied decimal places and must have been entered as a positive amount.

  3. If this field was not applicable it contains zeros.
Edit Applications:
  1. If Accommodations Rate was reported, the other related Data Elements listed in the Accommodations Information Group Definition (Data Elements 60-64) must also have been reported.

  2. Accommodations Rate times Accommodations Days (Data Element 61) must equal Accommodations Total Charges (Data Element 62).