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Data Element Name:  Present on Admission Indicator (1-14) File Location:   Master, De-Identified, De-Identified Abbreviated
SPARCS Data Element Number:  70
Record Positions:   See Group Definition Format-Length:  A/N - 1
Effective Date:  1/1/1994 Revision Date:             
Deniable Data Element:  No


A qualifier for each diagnosis coded under Other Diagnoses that indicates whether the diagnosis was present on admission to the hospital.

Codes and Values:
  1. 1 = Yes - Present at the time of inpatient admission

    2 = No - Not present at the time of inpatient admission

    3 = Clinically Undetermined - Provider is unable to clinically determine whether condition was present on admission or not

    9 = Unknown - Documentation is insufficient to determine if condition is present on admission

    X = Exempt from POA reporting for selected ICD-9-CM codes

  2. If this field was not applicable it contains blanks.
Edit Applications:
  1. If an Other Diagnosis Code (1-14) (Data Element 69) was reported, then there must have been a corresponding Present on Admission Indicator, coded appropriately.

  2. If Present on Admission Indicator, was reported, Other Diagnosis Code (1-14) (Data Element 69) must have also been reported.

Conversion Notes:

This field was initialized to 9 for all converted records.